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No Subject ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

Post by Vivimord » Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:13 am

((Originally posted by Zillakiyah.))

On the other side of her eyelids was a bright light.

Too bright to sleep through.

“Da’, make tha sun go away.” she mumbled.

But child, the sun is gone and only the moon adorns this sky.

She blinked.

Slowly her senses came into focus, her hut was filled withfoul-smelling smoke; fire, not the sun, lapped at the walls; the heat stole thesweat from her body.


“Da’? Where are yah?!”

She panicked and stumbled with furs wrapped around her legs.As she lay o the floor the wall next to her collapsed in flames. She crawledthrough the heat that singed skin, cloth, and hair indiscriminately.

The Troll collapsed into the snow with relief only to feel aheavy hand tangle through her hair and drag her to her feet.

Zillakiyah was no taller than the Dwarf that held her.

His sneer quickly turned to a grimace as his skullcollapsed. Bloody mace in hand her father shoved her hard whispering, “Run!”

It was the last time she ever saw him.

Taking her father’s advice she ran. She did not stop untilher legs were numb and her weight became too much for them. Weakly she draggedherself into a snow bank and slept.

**** The young Troll stopped to pickberries off of the strange green bushes. Popping them into her mouth shecontinued walking. She knew she would find something soon. She had to. Therehad to be someone to help.

Zillakiyah’s days continued in a way that was almost uneventful. Occasionally she would runinto a native of the land or a fierce looking creature she had never seenbefore and would be forced to hide. Each night she found a tree or a bush tospend her night in.

Curled intoas small a ball as possible Zillakiyah slept restlessly in the thickunderbrush.

Among dreams of flames and chaos acalm came.
Child, it is time to wake.
Zillakiyah startled awake to find ashadow hovering over her. Squealing she bolted to her feet to run. In a bout ofdéjà vu she stumbled in the brush and landed on her face. A comforting handlanded on her shoulder, and she was hoisted gently to her feet.

As the sleep cleared from her panicked eyes she saw a smiling face.
“Whatchu’ doin’ ina jungle all alone! Yer gon ta get gobbledup bya tiger!”
Zillakiyah cringed away, not understanding. “’s okay lit’le ‘un! We be takin’ carea ya.”


Zillakiyahsat quietly near the tiny pool in the middle of Sen’jin village, her feet inthe water and her head cocked, listening to someone she thought only she couldhear.

Pulek Muntwatched the young Troll curiously. Turning to the old troll Vin’ala, he onlysaid, “She will come with me.”
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