A girl and her cat ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

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A girl and her cat ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

Post by Vivimord » Mon Nov 30, 2015 5:17 am

((Not sure who this was originally posted by, I'm afraid. Edit it in if you know! I guess it was Dwym?))

Child, wake up.

Mmhm? Dwyn mumbled, rolling over. The hammock swung lightlyin the ocean breeze as she stirred. The sky was still inked andsparkled with stars. The trolly girl sighed and stretched and diveddown a little further into slumber.

Dwyn, the time has come. Wake up child. The voice was impatient now.

A cold snap of air against her nose and Dwyn sat up, blinking into the darkness around her. Who’s there? Whatcha on about wakin’ me up s’early! The salty breeze tugged at her hair in remonstrance and the hammocksuddenly pitched to the side and dumped the girl onto the sand.


Dwyn sat up eyes wide as she scanned what little she could see ofthe beach and brushed sand away from her arms. Her fingers trailed downto the small dagger she had strapped to her thigh.

That is better. There is no time to waste. Siam is waiting foryou at the crossroads beyond the village. Go quickly, your time here isdone.

Dun know no Siamcritter…dun think I ….

She was silenced just like that, cold cold air filling her mouthand throttling her. Her ears rang with the angry zephyr’s melody as ithissed frigidly around her.

Alright, it had her attention.

She stood, jerked upright like a puppet and moved quickly throughthe village. Her home. She glanced wildly at the hut her mother sleptin as she sped by it. Soon, too soon she was on the path out of thevillage and moving towards the main road that would lead to Razor Hill.There she slid to a halt, the puppet strings released; she sank to herknees, gasping in the warm air. She could still hear the hiss of thebreeze twirling around her, but it wasn’t touching her anymore.

Siam, here is your charge. What the mistress wants with such a disobedient child is beyond me!

It’s not for us to question her choices.. A soft voice mrrredfrom the shadow of the signpost. A small voice, low to the ground. Dwynsquinted, trying to find the source. Somehow she’d already acceptedthat the breeze was talking about her, at her.

The shadows stirred and a pair of cerulean points of light peered out at her and then came closer.

“Hello Dwyn, I am…” the cat mrrred.

“You are Siam!” Dwyn chimed in. Her heart was beating in timewith the cat’s swishing tail and she was infused with tendrils ofwarmth as he approached. She stared at him, slack jawed.

“Yes, I am,” Siam mrred smugly. He leapt to her shoulder, curling his tail around her neck. “I am glad you’ve finally remembered. Can we go now? I’ve waited a very long time.” The tip of his tail tapped on her cheek chidingly. Dwyn stood up, turning her head to nuzzle into Siam’s silvery fur.

“Yes, let’s go!” she whispered, standing and striding offdown the road, sparing not even a glance for her village or the seathat cared for her or the mother that cared nothing.

I am ready.
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