Born of Love, Risen by Hate ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

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Born of Love, Risen by Hate ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

Post by Vivimord » Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:02 am

((Originally posted by Kunikiko.))

Born of love, I am Sharzad.

I grew up in high society. I waseducated as a man and as a woman. Learned was I.

When the ruler of my clan went mad andsought to slaughter the women after marrying each for one night, Isought to save them. Born of noble blood, I was meant to be spared.My insistence to marry our chief frightened my family. They pleadedwith me; they recounted the tales of the woman's place. I was toobey, but I refused and married our chief.

For 20 nights I tricked him intoleaving me alive. With my honey tongue I told the tales of demons andmen. The tales of our ancestors. Each night trailing off and fallingto sleep so he would burn with curiosity and demand I finish the talethe next night.

For 20 nights I sought to save mysisters and cousins of the tribe. But his misogyny knew no bounds.When I recounted the tale of the demon and the merchant, he had hadenough. Rather than burn with curiosity, he burned with anger. Nolonger was he curious, he was angered by my trickery.

Taking me out that morning, he forcedme to the cliffs by the Great Sea. Putting his hand in my mouth hegrasped at my jaw and picked me up and held me out over the ocean. Itried to scream but my jaw gave way. I felt a hideous tearing andfell. The sight of my family, tears in their eyes, was all I sawbefore I was dashed upon the rocks.

Now I have been called. Repaired andmade unbroken, I live again. Now with purpose, now without love orfeeling. My new master has betrayed me, used me and then cast meaway. Now I must rise and fight against him.

I am Sharzard, teller of tales, DeathKnight.
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