Obsius (DnD 4e Dark Sun character) ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

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Obsius (DnD 4e Dark Sun character) ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

Post by Vivimord » Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:08 am

((Originally posted by Okrth.))

Not a WoW character, but I wrote it up anyway and...y'know...whatever...

Some rough background, the Dark Sun setting is one where almost the entire world has been affected by arcane-magic-caused desertification, and the only cities left (7 in all) are firmly under the thumb of each of their respective sorcerer-kings. The character's race is that of "Shardmind", a psychically animated collection of crystals. In the core DnD 4e setting the crystals are the remnants of the Living Gate that once separated the plane of the gods from the plane of the crazy-abberant-whacko-shit-that-wants-to-destroy-everything, but for Dark Sun I've rearranged the fluff a bit, so that he's kinda, manifestation of the world's fury. Maybe a bit like Captain Planet, except after the nuclear apocalypse and Gaia is both horribly scarred from radiation burns and really just fed up with all the shit she has to put up with.

On to the story!

Pain. Rage. Scorn.
The defilers scar the land and corrupt the living.
Obsius's first memories are of rampaging through an obsidian quarry, crushing the quarry slaves as a six-legged stone beast. He is struck by stabs of pain, and he identifies their source: a figure in a white tunic and yellow cape, on the far side of the quarry. He charges, but the figure continues his arcane barrage, drawing the life from the maimed bodies of the slaves to intesify his assault, until Obsius finally falls apart into a pile of rubble.
The figure was of Sumul, then a newly raised Urikite templar. He took a shard of the stone beast as a memento—as the forces of fate and narrative would have it, the remaining shard that was Obsius—and had it made into a pendant, which he would wear constantly through his upwardly-mobile career. And for the next ten years Obsius watched and learned. And even talked; Sumul would never realize that when he thought he was talking to himself—when he was grappling with second thoughts, or exploring a new perspective on a problem—that he was actually telepathically communicating with his jewelry.
Sumul's death would be both abrupt and mundane: he choked to death on a date seed while relaxing in his house. Obsius was sold off along with Sumul's other possessions, and eventually wound up in the Old Market where he was purchased by Atra, a resourceful elemental priest of the Smoking Crown. Atra then picked up some extra supplies and that night, a few hundred pieces of blade-grade obsidian got up walked out of a warehouse. The next morning, Atra and his new apprentice, bundled up against the desert sun, left the city out to the desert...
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