Usurped RP Question of the Week: Transporter Accidents and You ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

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Usurped RP Question of the Week: Transporter Accidents and You ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

Post by Vivimord » Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:45 am

((Originally posted by Triniel.))

(( Hope you don't mind, Bregs.

Uh oh. You've taken a Transporter and had a little... accident. Somehow you've been turned into your nefarious complete opposite - sort of like your evil twin, but even worse. Thankfully the effects are only temporary, but in the meantime: what is the total polar opposite of your character? ))

"I'm not an engineer." Triniel wrinkled her nose at the goblin outside of Orgrimmar who was trying to shove her into a transporter, moving a hand to bat him away.

"Come on, lady! I'll pay you for your time. Ten gold to test this baby out!"

Triniel sighed, realizing that this simply wasn't a battle that she could win. "Where is this going to take me, exactly?"

"To Shattrath! See, the naaru there won't let anything bad happen to ya, I swear. Besides, I've extensively tested this. Don't worry baby, it's cool!" The goblin grinned and nodded his head several times, his earrings jingling.

"I hardly believe that, but fine," the elf muttered as she stepped inside of the transporter, deciding to ignore the goblin's disgustingly familiar tone for the moment. The goblin fired up the machine and the roaring hum of the engine made Triniel's stomach turn. Instantly she seemed to realize that this had been a bad idea.

Moments later after the blinding white light had subsided, she waved a hand, coughing as smoke billowed up around the machine. She could just barely make out the familiar gloomy skyline of Shattrath as she stepped out of the machine, but she noticed immediately that she felt... different. After stepping away from the smoke, she looked down at her hands and screamed, though the sound emerged as a high-pitched, "Ohmigawd!" Instead of her familiar thin fingers, she was greeted with the sight of thick, calloused hands. She gently pat herself down, reaching into her - plate?! - to produce her compact mirror. Again she tried to scream but no sound emerged as she was greeted by the foreign reflection of a blue-eyed, blonde haired human. To add insult to injury, adorable freckles adorned her rosy cheeks and nose. She quickly lowered the mirror to survey her equally unfamiliar form, suddenly strong and dumpy, as human women seemed to be. And those feet!

"I will have that goblin's head! ...And he failed to pay me!" She roared, though again, her voice refused to behave. Instead she let out a giggle - a Nether-blasted giggle! - and exclaimed, "That goblin was toooootally cute. I wonder if he'd give me his number!"

Steaming mad, she stomped her way towards a portal. Someone was going to pay.
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