Sustenance ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

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Sustenance ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

Post by Vivimord » Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:56 am

((Originally posted by Triniel.))

Triniel shifted on her dreadsteed's saddle as she rode through The Valley of Four Winds, her brows pinched in annoyance. She already found herself weary from the journey, though the Jade Forest was hardly out of sight behind her. Her small hands snapped the reins once, urging her steed onward to Halfhill in the hope that a warm bed awaited her there.

As she approached the bustling town, she couldn't help but notice the unnaturally massive produce practically bursting in the fields. She pulled the reins tighter, urging the horse to slow so she could inspect a row of monstrous cabbage.

"Magic... must be. Perhaps some form of mutation as well," she mused, resolving to further investigate this phenomena after resting.

The sight of the fields full of vibrant vegetables had brought something else to her attention, however: she hadn't eaten yet today. The thought made her wrinkle her nose as she rode into town. Even as a child, Triniel had a tempestuous relationship with food - only the blandest, most inoffensive forms of nourishment could be consumed without fear of a violent reaction. Over the years, she had grown accustomed to eating only when it was necessary, and even then, only the smallest amount to stave off starvation; it was simply easier than dealing with the illness that was sure to follow if she dared to indulge.

The scent of cooking food made her stomach churn before she even reached Halfhill and she moved a hand to cover her nose and mouth, closing her eyes tightly. She could overcome this... she simply had to compose herself. She took a few deep, steadying breaths before moving her hand away, guiding her steed to the front of the inn before carefully dismounting and tying the reins to the post outside, making certain a trough of water and food was nearby.

The rich, heady scents of various foods cooking all around her was enough to make her eyes water, her stomach twisting in on itself in a threatening manner. Her lips pulled into a tight, thin line as she ascended the steps, determined to appear normal despite the waves of queasiness that threatened to overwhelm her.

Forcing herself to stand at her full height, the blood elf moved a hand to smooth her sunset-hued hair down in a tidy manner around her face and shoulders, making herself look a little better kempt as she stepped into the inn. She scanned along the quaint Pandaren ornamentation along the walls and barrels within, her gaze coming to rest on the hozen behind the bar, the sizzle of the meat on the grill causing her mouth to water in that familiar, sickly way that foretold disaster. Her brows furrowed as she deliberately swallowed, hurrying towards the stairs just in time to bump into a large pandaren woman coming down the stairs.

"Excuse me," Triniel hissed through gritted teeth, scarcely making eye contact with the woman as she tried to figure out a way to slide past. Unfortunately, the pandaren was wide enough that passage proved impossible.

"Oh, are you new here? You look half starved! Here, have a bite to eat, on the house!" The innkeeper grasped Triniel's shoulders, wheeling the hapless elf around towards the bar to guide her into a seat.

Struggle as she might, Triniel had to admit that she was too weak to fight back without causing a scene. Her jaw tensed as she ground her teeth, leaning forward on the bar. "No, I need to rest."

It was too late, she realized as she watched the innkeeper pull a few skewers of meat off of the grill, adding them to a large bowl, which she placed in front of her protesting guest.

"Nonsense!" she cried, "Eat up! Go on!"

The annoying pandaren was soon forgotten, however, as the scent of the dish wafted up into Triniel's face. She lifted a hand to cover her mouth, fighting back an overpowering wave of nausea. The colors were too much... the meat was too brown, the vegetables too verdant, the noodles too crisply white.

One bite, she thought. Just one. This fool won't make me appear weak.

She clutched her spoon between her thin fingers, lowering it into the bowl. It felt like it was made of lead. Her brows furrowed, dots of perspiration forming on her brow as she gathered the rich, golden broth, bringing it slowly to her lips. She closed her eyes, trying to think of something mundane, something inoffensive as she sipped the liquid, drowning out the wracking nausea that was so all-encompassing.

Her eyes snapped open as she swallowed. The broth... it was unlike anything she'd ever tasted, and she'd had more than her fair share of broth over the years. Rather than being a salty, vaguely meat-flavored disappointment, it was a full-bodied, complex flavor that she couldn't quite place, despite being able to make out the ingredients. There was warmth, depth, subtle nuances of aromas and tastes that were unfamiliar to her - but all this paled at the fact that her stomach, rather than riddling her with blinding pain, was actually... soothed. Triniel didn't believe in miracles, but no other word could describe the sudden, almost foreign sensation - the incredible relief that seemed to permeate her entire being.

She lifted the spoon more easily this time from the bowl to her lips, then again... and again, eating in silence as her mind raced, attempting to break down the components in the soup. There was no medicinal taste, but there had to be some vital, potent ingredient to completely wash her ever-present malaise away.

For the first time in over twenty years, she cleaned her bowl. Then, she did something she had never done before.

She asked for seconds.
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