Connections ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

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Connections ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

Post by Vivimord » Mon Nov 30, 2015 7:58 am

((Originally posted by Vivimord.))

((So Bricu posted a thread on Feathermap -- A SITE FOR WHICH YOU SHOULD ALL SIGN UP -- about "connections". The idea was to establish the places your character has been through their lives, and the possible connections they might have to other characters. This kind of evolved into giving a brief overview of your character's background, but highlighting locales and events that could have involved others.

I figured I'd share my post. It's not in-character and is basically just a big background textdump, but I figure we need some more RP stuff in here regardless of whether it's a creative piece or not. :0)

Feel free to write up one of your own if you like. Here 'tis:

Vivimord (or Elphas Phineas Harun as we was known when he was alive), at one hundred years old as of Mists, is pretty damn old for a human -- especially one that happens to be a rather reckless and self-educated sorcerer -- so I'm not sure how useful a lot of this early stuff will be in terms of connections, but I digress... He was born on the family farm just outside of Andorhal, approximately seventy years before the First War.

He was refused access to Dalaran when he was about twenty-five, due to rumours that he had murdered his half-elven wife and child, or that he was attempting to raise them from the dead, or both, depending on who you talked to.

With the opportunity to train in Dalaran taken away from him, and his reputation besmirched, Elphas left all that behind and moved to Lordaeron City. By the time he was forty (thirty years before the First War), he had set himself up quite nicely and had two separate spheres of influence. Publically, Elphas was an upstanding citizen and a profitable businessman. Privately, he was a criminal kingpin with ambitions to make Lordaeron his city. Also, during this time he adopted/obtained and educated an eight year old street urchin he named Aughis Rozen.

Elphas also became entwined with the law enforcement in the city, acting as a source to name "criminals" (in reality, his enemies -- and more often than not, elves). This role developed into a public one, and he earned quite the reputation from it, especially once people began to realise he could name whoever he pleased. It was infamy, really -- he ruined a number of lives. This was the tipping point, however, and his own criminal misdeeds became known and he had to flee the city shortly before the First War broke out. By this time, he was seventy years old.

He took residence in Stromgarde for the next six years or so, where his reputation was limited to "that grouchy, old, bastard". Aughis remained in Lordaeron City during this period. However, when King Terenas Menethil II announced the Alliance of Lordaeron, Elphas was incensed (mostly due to the inclusion of Quel'thalas). He returned to Lordaeron City.

Not long after, when Lordaeron fell under siege by the forces of the Horde during the Second War, Elphas fought in the battle to protect the city. By this time, he was seventy-seven years old and terribly frail and weak, which the battle only served to intensify. He completely lost his already failing sight shortly afterward and became a recluse, living with Aughis.

He did not stop attempting to influence events in the city, however. Using the name Vivimord, he began to organise a coup against Terenas Menethil, with the aim of putting Aughis on the throne as a puppet. This process wasn't a short one, but over the course of the twelve years between the Second and Third wars, Vivimord had established a fair old underground rebellion movement. Unluckily for Vivi, some of the elves whose families and lives he'd ruined years earlier found out that he was back in Lordaeron. On a certain fateful day, Aughis was leading Vivimord through the street, but had to leave him for a moment. While he was alone, Vivimord was stabbed in the back and fell into the dirt, dead, just as Arthas arrived home to give his daddy a hug.

And, briefly, some stuff from in-game:

After rising and escaping from the Lich King's influence, Vivimord began welcoming newly risen Forsaken all over the Tirisfal Glades, under the banner of The Undead Legion. When the blood elves first joined the Horde, Vivimord spent a lot of time in Silvermoon, revitalising his criminal enterprises and working to begin a new revolutionary group, this time against Sylvanas Windrunner. After the events at the Wrathgate, Vivimord became actively outspoken against Sylvanas and as a result, he is no longer welcome inside the Undercity.))
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