((RP question of the month: What in-game holidays does your character actually perform?)) ((Preservation from Umbral Gui

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((RP question of the month: What in-game holidays does your character actually perform?)) ((Preservation from Umbral Gui

Post by Vivimord » Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:03 am

((Originally posted by Bregdark.))

((Been a while since we did one of these, but I want to get back in the habit of posting them to get us thinking along these lines.))

((For the in-game holidays, for many aspects of them, it's hard to know which parts are to be taken literally. Valentine's day's greetings, for example, doesn't seem like it would actually occur in Azeroth the way it's portrayed in-game. On the other hand, Omen and the Elders or the Wicker Man of Hallow's Eve appear to be a literal events. When these events occur, do your characters celebrate? If so, how? What's their favorite?))

((Your answer can be for your main or a prominent alt or any of the above; answer can be IC or OOC or both.))

((Bregdark's favorite in-game holiday is Pilgrim's Bounty because he enjoys cooking, but he also enjoys Hallow's Eve. His least favorite is Noblegarden because he doesn't see the eggs easily.))

Deep in the Undercity, there are many laboratories. Forgotten corridors are filled with rusty doors. Behind one such is the abode of Bregdark Urclaw, Sergeant at Arms, Itinerant Priest, and Battle Surgeon.

For those other than the Forsaken who dare visit, the first thing you might notice is the smell. From several junctions away, you'd observe a hint of musk. As you traveled down one cobwebbed passage, you'd wrinkle your nose, trying to discern just what it was you detected. Several more steps, and as the door becomes visible (its outline highlighted by a pale glow), the word "stench" comes to mind, not unlike the mixture of blood and offal from one of the cattle slaughterhouses near Stormwind. Closer and it becomes nearly overwhelming. To enter takes a massive act of willpower, every ounce of your body working to overcome the instinct to turn and run.

Inside, the floor itself is impossible to see. It's covered with red: Blood, skin, organs, entrails. It covers the walls, the benches, the tables, the walls. A study in scarlet.

Bregdark himself is hard at work within, his claws a blur of motion. He looks up and greets you formally.

"Alas, yes. So far, abject failure, indeed. No matter what I try, yes. It so far seems, indeed, that it is impossible to mend a broken heart."
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