Typherian Shadowstaff - The Mad Magister of Tranquillen ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

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Typherian Shadowstaff - The Mad Magister of Tranquillen ((Preservation from Umbral GuildPortal))

Post by Vivimord » Mon Nov 30, 2015 8:10 am

((Originally posted by Typherian.))

Typherian Shadowstaff was born to a noble family of Silvermoon City. He and his older brother, Pae'thas, were meant for great things, his parents were told. Both were born to a weakened people, who had endured the hardships of the First War. Pae'thas was taught to be a solider, while Typherian was trained in the arcane arts. Pae'thas had promise, becoming quite a skilled warrior, while Typherian struggled in his studies. It became clear to his teachers what the problem was rather quickly..... Pae'thas was telling Typherian of all of his training and adventures, and Typherian wanted to have a life of adventure like his brother. Angry, their parents decided to divide the boys, and sent Typherian to Tranquillen to study while Pae'thas stayed in Silvermoon City to train.

It was years later, when the boys had become men, that Typherian learned that his brother had been present at Caer Darrow when the Horde, under the leadership of Gul'dan, razed the keep and killed it's inhabitants. Typherian, who had been only marginally interested in his studies before, embraced them rather fiercely. His parents pressuring him further did not help, as they told him that as their only surviving son, that it was up to him to live up to his family name. The pressure began to fragment Typherian mentally, but this would not show until much later. Sadly, Typherian's training would not be finish before the Second War was over. Typherian would not get his revenge. To spite his parents, and to grieve for his beloved brother, Typherian refused to return to Silvermoon City, citing that there was still much to study.

Several years passed.

Then came the Third War, and the shocking assault of Arthas Menethil. Typherian had heard of the Regencide he had committed to his own father, but had not expected that the madman would turn on Quel'Thalas. When he did, Typherian was nowhere nearby. He had gone to Dalaran, hoping to learn techniques from the Kirin Tor. When he heard of the Scourge assault, he quickly came home to find his parents dead, and his ancestral home in flames. He had nothing left but his name. Fortunately, his name was enough. He proceeded to play the political games of Silvermoon, struggling to regain what he had lost while the Third War happened far from him, much to his sadness. He took part in the alliance with the Naga, and the transition to becoming the Sin'dorei. He was an admirer of Kael'thas Sunstrider, and would have followed him to Outlands if he had had the choice. Instead he stayed in Silvermoon City, helping to rebuild. It wasn't until later that he heard of his prince's corruption, and felt great shame. To atone, he helped the blood elves join the Horde to stop him.

During the assault on the Lich King, Typherian consulted with the Kirin Tor, who had called upon many favors to have him come to Dalaran, as they needed assistance in dealing with the Scourge He never saw combat, but was told that his contributions aided in the siege of Icecrown Citadel. He returned shortly after to Silvermoon City to continue the rebuidling process. The Cataclysm had little effect on him, and he stayed in Silvermoon for most of it. He had become a politician, much to his annoyance. But when word came of the discovery of Pandaria, Regent Lord Theron listened to key rivals that Typherian had, and sent him off with the Horde Expedition to the strange land. It was meant to be a death sentence. It turned out to be worse.

His encounters with the various Sha of that land unhinged his mind, inflating the dormant fractures in his psyche to an incredible extent. In his madness, he attempted to use the magic he had found amongst the Klaaxi Mantid to empower himself, and create a means of crushing his enemies. He planned to present his findings to the Regent Lord, assuming that he would be well-rewarded for his achievement. It was on his way to depart for Silvermoon City that he heard of the Siege of Orgrimmar. He was told the Lord Regent would be there, and decided it would be a perfect opportunity to show him what he had discovered.

But the Klaaxi had also come, as well. And they did not survive. Their magic was extingushed when their Paragons were killed. Some of them by Typherian's own hand. He could not believe that their magic would die with them. The discovery that Typherian had come to show the Lord Regent was gone. And while Typherian was afforded a great deal of popularity due to his involvement in the Siege, the nicename 'Typherian the Wakener' was given to him as a joke, as the Klaaxi had called him that before they were wiped out.

And now? Typherian the Wakener is called upon by the Lord Regent again, this time for another suicide mission. Typherian will not fail. He cannot.
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