Trading loot

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Trading loot

Post by Cal » Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:51 pm

Ran a question past a GM and got this as a response for loot rules. Just an FYI for those that are interested in some of the behind the scenes reasons loot can not be traded

In order to trade personal loot, several conditions must be met. If you can't trade loot to a party/raid member it is likely due to one or more of the below reasons:

•The two hour window for trading items has passed
•Item has been equipped
•Item is legendary
•Item is a possible item level upgrade for your current loot spec. For example: ◦Highest ilvl trinket you've looted in Frost spec is 840
◦Highest ilvl trinket you've looted in Blood spec is 835
◦Then, you loot an 840 trinket in Blood spec
◦This new trinket is now the highest ilvl in Blood spec and cannot be traded

•The item is relic that is an upgrade for a relic you are already using
•The recipient was not present in the encounter or did not participate enough
•Set items are tracked differently, so if you cannot trade an item, it may be due to it being a set piece
•It was a token that was redeemed, and you equipped the gear piece
•You upgraded, socketed, or enchanted the item
•You transmogrified the item
•It's a mount or pet; mounts and pets looted in dungeons or raids cannot be traded
•The recipient is on a different realm and you already left the instance
•The item was Bind on Equip but you rolled Need; you can only trade BoE items that you win rolling Greed
•The recipient has already killed that specific boss while in another group
•The item was received from a bonus roll
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Re: Trading loot

Post by Panamone » Mon Feb 13, 2017 7:20 am

Thanks for posting, I didn't know some of these!
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