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a hearthstone thread

Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:52 pm
by Ribcrack
because I notice a lot of folks play that thing. And I wanted to talk about the latest balance changes ... pdate-10-2

as far as I can tell non-paladin aggro is now going to cease to exist. Corridor Creeper, Bonemare and Patches were in most aggro and most midrange decks out there, and holy crap did they just get the nerfbat (especially corridor creeper). Razakus priest looks like it's also pretty much gone - the raza nerf is a pretty big deal.

Interesting how they didn't touch Carnivorous Cube - a card which combined with other minions like spellsinger umbra and void lord is making spellbreaker see play. Freakin' spellbreaker.

From my side of things (the arena side) I'm really happy to see bonemare at 8 - it'll still be practically an instant-pick, but won't be as impactful as it was. The bad old days of the pre-nerf KoFT appearance rate with 2-5 bonemares in every deck gives me nightmares still. Corridor creeper, too - both of those cards were amazingly high power and could win games by themselves, especially if you had both and pulled out 13/13 worth of stats from nowhere on turn 7.

Re: a hearthstone thread

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:55 am
by Panamone
Goodbye highlander priest!

Re: a hearthstone thread

Posted: Thu Feb 01, 2018 5:04 pm
by Bladebreaker
I'll actually be curious to see whether this is full-on-death for Highlander Priest. It's definitely a hard nerf, but at 1 mana per hero power it could still be pretty deadly. Right now it's built around a lot of card draw and low cost spells because all that matters is getting the combo, but I do wonder whether some viable builds could still exist that shift into a more control-oriented build.

Corrider Creeper got hit SO HARD. Spiteful Priest will feel this one, where corridor creeper, bone mare and Patches were all pretty important parts of the deck. My guess is that Spiteful Priest will shift back to a dragon package. Maybe a N'zoth build? The Spiteful Summoner/MC build is really powerful, they'll just have to figure out how to get early tempo without the pirate package.

I agree it's interesting that Cube Lock and Control Lock didn't get touched at all, and those are pretty oppressive decks right now. I guess the fact that packing silence into the deck counters them pretty hard makes it less of an issue? I play a lot of quest mage, and the various flavors of Control Warlock are usually delicious (more so control than true cube lock) so it's fine by me.

I think aggro druid (my second most often played deck) might still be viable; the corridor creeper nerf is a problem but honestly, an aggro druid might actually keep the nerfed corridor creepers. A free 2/5 beast that costs zero after someone hellfired your living mana isn't bad, it'll stick to the board and give you something to buff.

Bonemare nerf was definitely welcome, that card was frustratingly busted. It's still a good card, just not stupidly over budget.

And Patches, I am so glad to see that bastard go down. I will be dusting him when the change goes through, as I assume they'll give full dust. I'll probably keep everything else, since you never know.